When applying for a new gas service, you need to provide our office with the following documents:

–          A copy of your Land Title. Registered on the title should be a Utility Right of Way  for Meota Gas Co-op. Should this not be the case, you will need to contact our office and we will assist you with the registration of a Utility Right of Way.

–          A yard diagram showing approximate location of other utilities and the proposed location of your house and the gas meter.

–          An estimate of total load of your gas appliances.

–          A copy of the gas permit issued by the MD of Foothills.

–          A signed copy of the Property Damage Waiver.

Once we receive these documents, plus payment for the new service, we will draw up a Customer Contract that must be signed by all parties named on the Land Title.

Prior to turning on the gas we also need a Service Completion Notification signed by your plumber.

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