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Meota Gas Co-operative Association Ltd is here for it's members and customers.  If you have changes happening, please keep us informed to we can help you when you need it!

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If you are recently purchased a new property in the area, contact our office as far in advance as possible to arrange for a transfer of the gas service to your name.


We will need your name, legal land location and street address of your residence and contact information including email address. A 'Customer Contract' must be signed by all parties listed on your Land Title.


If you are moving out of the Meota area, please contact us to confirm your move out date.  We will require a forwarding address for the final bill.  A 30 day notice is requested to effectively process your final bill.  On your move date, we will perform a meter reading to provide you an accurate read of gas consumption.


(Please see “Billing Information” for charges in connection with a transfer of gas service.)


It is imperative that we have your most up-to-date contact information in case of any gas outages or emergencies.  If your information has changed, please complete the Contact Info form and return it to us via email at:

Please fill out this form and email it to




Cooperative and community-owned natural gas utilities are uniquely different from all other Alberta gas utilities and retailers.  We operate as a not-for-profit which means any funds generated from gas distribution are re-invested back into the utility to operate and improve the gas distribution system. 


Our utility is responsive to the very community that we serve which allows our members of the community to have your say on the rates and fees through your locally elected board of directors.


Gas billing is completed the within the first week of each month for the previous month’s gas consumption.


Bill payments must be received no later than the bill due date on the 24th of the month.


Please allow sufficient time for your payment to reach us. Bank or online payments usually take 4-5 business days to be processed.


Consider paperless billing and Pre-Authorized Debit options! 

PAYMENT of your account

BILL payments are accepted in form of:

  • Cheque

  • Online Banking

  • Auto-Debit


If you are interested in enrolling in auto-debit payments, please download the Auto Debit form below, complete and return it to us with your banking information. 


It is the by-law of Meota Gas Co-op Association to have any natural gas account in the names of the current owners, as listed on current land title only.  The natural gas account remains the responsibility of the land owner.

Should you rent out your property, Meota will continue to ensure that the billing is delivered to the current owners.   If you require your tenant(s) be responsible for the natural gas billing account, we can add the information and send duplicate bills to your tenant(s), however require a permission form be authorized by the current owner.   You can download the form here and scan/email or mail this to Meota Gas Co-op at

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