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Our main priority is keeping your gas delivery safe and dependable. 

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If you require a new gas service installed onto a property where no current gas service exists, please download the Infill Package by clicking the blue button on this page.


When applying for a new gas service, please provide us with the following documents:

  1. A current copy of your Land Title. Meota will require a Utility Right of Way (URW) to be registered on the title.  If there is no current URW shown on the title, we will assist you with the registration.

  2. A yard diagram showing the approximate location of any existing utilities and the proposed location of your house and the gas meter.

  3. An estimate of total load required to support your gas appliances.

  4. A copy of the gas permit issued by the MD of Foothills.

  5. A signed copy of the Property Damage Waiver.


Once these documents are submitted and payment for the service has been received, we will work with you in planning the project timing, installation route and any additional requirements identified at that time.  A 'Customer Contract' must be signed by all parties named on the Land Title.

Service line installation will be completed first with natural gas tie-ins second. 


Once the property is ready for a meter (either for temporary heat or permanent heat), we require the following:

1) Copy of the Gas Permit

2) Copy of the inspection passing

3) Copy of the Service Completion Form


Once all documents are submitted and reviewed, we will install the gas meter and turn the gas service on

Click on the "2023 Infill Package" Box below to download the gas service application package.


If you are planning any construction in your yard that may involve needing gas line moves or if you are interested in running a secondary line to heat out buildings, please contact us.  We will meet with you, discuss options, provide quotations and can provide construction services for your project.

** Please download the 'Quote Request" form and email this to for any construction projects.



Meota's Field Technicians are certified Line Locating Technicians with current training.  If you require any private locating on your property, give us a call.  For a nominal fee, we can locate any traceable lines in your yard to ensure you are safe prior to doing any excavation work.

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