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If You Hit a Natural Gas Line.


  • Call Meota Gas Co-op Ltd. 24-Hour phone number (403) 931-2161

  • Call 911

  • Report any line damage, no matter how minor.  Damage includes nicks to the coating on steel pipe and scratches to     plastic pipe.

  • Turn off machinery and eliminate all sources of ignition

  • Shut off vehicle engines

  • Remove any sources of ignition and extinguish cigarettes or any open flame

  • Evacuate the area, including buildings. Move people upwind if possible

  • Prevent vehicles and bystanders from entering the area

  • Call the fire department if there is a danger of fire

  • Avoid contact with any natural gas escaping from the pipeline

  • Notify people in nearby buildings, as gas might enter through drains if the break or leak is underground or through fresh air intakes and windows if gas leak is in the air.


  • Attempt to repair the leak or stop escaping gas

  • Turn electrical switches on or off

  • Operate any machinery, including vehicles

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