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INDOOR - If you smell gas (rotten egg smell) inside your house, and it is continuous and strong, evacuate the house immediately.


Do not light matches, operate any electrical switches (incl. Flashlights), use telephones or create an ignition/spark.


Leave the door open as you exit.


If you are able to do so turn off your gas meter.


Once you are away from the smell of gas contact us 403-931-2161 and follow the instructions. Meota Gas Cooperative operates a 24-hour emergency service, and there is no charge for an odor call.

OUTDOOR - If you smell the gas outside, contact us immediately, and avoid creating any source of ignition in the area.

How to turn off your meter:

You can turn your gas off at the main shut-off valve on the inlet pipe next to your gas meter.  Using a wrench or another suitable tool, give the valve a quarter turn in either direction so that it is crosswise to the pipe (see diagram).

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