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Alberta One Call is now called "Utility Safety Partners"

Utility Safety Partners.png

There is inherent danger in disturbing the ground. In Alberta, hundreds of thousands of kilometres of buried cable and pipe deliver essential services like heat, electricity, water, cell service and internet communications. Utilities lie unseen just below the surfaces of our streets, sidewalks, parks, fields, farms and our yards.


Each year, Albertans pay more than $350 million to repair damages caused when homeowners and contractors dig without knowing what is below. There is also potential for an even higher cost; contact with an underground utility can result in severe injury and death.

Statistics show that you substantially reduce the risk to yourself and the public when you use an online utility notification service (like to request that utility owners identify and mark their lines under your dig area.

Utility Safety Partners is a not-for-profit organization and there is no charge to you for this service. It only takes a few minutes to submit a locate request—and the consequences of not knowing where those utilities are could last a lifetime.

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