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Gas Alberta Inc. is a specialized organization that combines utility, trading, financing and operational expertise into one innovative business unit. As the exclusive supplier of natural gas to 74 gas distribution utilities in Alberta, Canada, we are unlike traditional gas suppliers in that our customers are our shareholders and any gains we generate ultimately benefit our customers. We also provide a wide range of value-added services for our customers that are not available from other suppliers.

Our customers own and operate over 120,000 kilometers of distribution pipelines, the largest rural gas distribution system of its kind in the world. Gas Alberta and its customers, gas suppliers and transmission pipeline companies have a proven record of providing safe and reliable gas supplies to over 350,000 Albertans.


The Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops is an organization representing Alberta's natural gas cooperative utilities, municipal gas utilities and First Nations gas utilities.   Every one of the member utilities is owned or governed by their communities, making them truly YOUR gas utility.

Alberta One Call is Now Called "Utility Safety Partners"

You must Call/Click before you dig to have any utilities located on your property.

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Your Gas Utility and the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops 

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